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Sorry I’m Late, I Don’t Own A Watch

I forgot 
about the pain

I had to
let go

I know 
that I loved you
I cried when you died
I have not been the same since
regretfully, time took those memories to rinse

Time wins
time wins

Time is killing everything
time after time - again and again 

This is just me
transcending reality 
as the world spins

— Vintage 

Oh #cats

Oh #cats



All asleep
all alone

Through our charm 
your weakness
is known. 

— Vintage

It has been hung. 

#Ninjaturtles #art

It has been hung.

#Ninjaturtles #art

Push Play

What is Tumblr…

I discovered Tumblr on accident about 11 months ago. I was starting to put together my two youtube channels and saw that many youtubers had tumblr as one of their links. 

Hmm what is this… so I click on the Tumblr link annnnd nothing was ever the same. 

Tumblr instantly clicked with my style and I wondered why no one else was raving about this Pandora’s box of creativity

And then I realized… Tumblr has yet to find a fraction of the audience that it is about to. 

As a reformed business man (and maven) I tend to see / find trends, some may call it visionary. I’ve had conversations with the co author of “The Tipping Point” Linda Price. She liked my work, and we started corresponding over my research. I was humbled and shocked at the same time. 

You see most trends start with the youth… teenagers and work it’s way up the social latter.

Teenagers tend to find the newest coolest “thing’s” and then is spreads from there … if it is truly a good idea (and tumblr is). 

I remember when I first heard about Facebook. My then College girlfriend kept checking her laptop over the summer and I finally sad wft is sooo important. She introduced me to Facebook. Back then you had to have a college email address to even sign up for Facebook aka DramaBook. It was a social website 100% for the youth (college kids). I personally was not interested but thought it was a good idea. 

Facebook worked it’s way from “Collage Status” to to high school kids once the college email address requirement was dropped. And them BOOM it spread like wildfire. 

Parents soon wanted to know what and why their children were always on this site called Facebook. “Here mom I’ll show you… and I’ll sign you up for an account… your friend Amy is already on”. 

And then when the parents started to catch on the kids (youth) started to fade away (naturally) as it became a different place once it became mainstream. 

And that is the nature of things, especially social media. 

Now back to Tumblr. Tumblr has yet to reach “parents” (adults) in mass. It is still kind of a underground (but popular) website that has yet to truly be discovered by adults. And that’s good news for us. We are on the cusp of a ground breaking creative revolution. Once “they” discover the talent the art the creativity that abounds this site… the Art world is going to change and many unknown artist’s are going to find their home.

This is Tumblr
This is art
This is home.

— Vintage

#tumblr biggest fans.
#1 and #3

#tumblr biggest fans.

#1 and #3

Paper Cut

I make plans for the future
I invest in peoples dreams 

I’m a dreamer and no one invested in me
I’m a dreamer
I’m a dream er 

So when I see those I love wanting wishing hoping for their dreams 
I fall
I Fall

I dream for your dreams just as much as I dream for mine

But then 
the one I held up to the sunlight 
reaches their goal and is so full of delight

I’m looking up cause their way above…

"hey do you remember me, I was the one who fell on his knees so that you could jump off my back and reach the stars… do you remember me…"

I’m still

— Vintage

Goodnight My Friend


Goodnight my friend,
hit the lights 
find your bed
let us rest 

Instead of 
worry and fear
life and cheer

Let us rest
for wondrous dreams
are nearly here.

— Vintage

(via michaelvintage)

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