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Bitch don’t kill my vibe
I - Am - So - Alive

Floatin on eternal wind 
these volts turn up
again and again 

Straight to the white 
straight To the white
straight to The white
straight to the White 

Faded black 
straight into light

— Vintage 

  Candy coated hours break down like old faded plastic absorbing an abundance of sunshine

The last time we talked his nose was running and he wanted to make a deposit. Two weeks later… on the way home from lunch I saw the death van in front of his tiny lonely home. The leukemia decided 3 months of retirement was enough of a retirement and retired a good man. He once told me that when he retired he was going to catch up on old fishing magazines. And so I wonder… sometimes my soul yearns to know… where did the magazines go.

  The sun shines on me like yellow rain that came from forever and I absorb the abundance of sunshine like faded plastic

This (second) mans name was Gunter. He was a man in his 70’s and every bit a talkative thriving German. He called me Mike and I let him cause his energy made my spirit smile. Gunter got sick one day and said that the treatment was not working. Gunter went and went enduring poking and traveling to special doctors who could fix him. Gunter tried and tried. One day Gunter came to my desk and we talked, not about business but existence. I could feel this was the last time I would see him and he knew it too. I said Gunter “What advice would you give to a young man trying to make it in this world”. He sat for the next 30 minutes explaining existence from a dying mans perspective. “It goes fast Mike… it goes Fast… take care of your family and enjoy.” That was the last I saw Gunter. Soon he was buried and life moved forward … but my heart did not. One day last summer I was driving through my sisters graveyard when all of a sudden something grabbed me… hard. An energy that caused me to look up and to the left to see a medium black grave stone (tucked away) that said “Gunter”. It was him and it took the breath out of me and I stopped my car to talk to him immediately. I thanked him for his kindness and wished love for eternity. 

You see, I’m a water bottle catching yellow rays on sun soaked days and when the plastic melts you’ll say… “Look it’s faded plastic, let’s just throw it away”. 

— Vintage 

Decisions decisions #beer

Decisions decisions #beer

I Can Hear You Breathe, And It’s… Beautiful

In my old life 
I had been trapped 
in the mind for
so long….

And now,
I don’t want to
be there 
at all. 

— Vintage 

Windy Lullaby || Freestyle Spoken Word Poetry || Michael Vintage (tumblr) 

Frequency Towers

When I was 10 I used to go out on the front porch and cry in the wind.

Push play on the receiver souls are emitting low vibrations - pain - pain - pain - overload - overload - overload - system shutting down. 

The energy vibrates in the wind - salty manifestations - I am lost again

How will I ever know who I am if I’m always feeling you? Until I was 24 I had just thought it was something everyone (could do). 

Shhh, if you listen to the night 
she will tell you about 
the wrong and the right
the high and the low
everything you didn’t
your going to

— Vintage 

At the DMV 

Alot of energy in this place… to many worlds vibrating (hard) in a tiny space.

At the DMV

Alot of energy in this place… to many worlds vibrating (hard) in a tiny space.

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Just a (broken) observer. 

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litglob asked: Lemon lime - dude you can write the soul. Goood stuff. Keep on.

Double Edged Sword. 


Lemon Lime Lemonade

Somehow I learned long ago
I tend to have the ability 
to speak to
the soul

I’ve made mean men mad
seeking unfound resistance
in the corners of subconsciousness 

I’ve reasoned with sociopaths 
some souls want to hurt you
they really, really want to

I’ve stared evil in the pupils 
transcending present time 
projecting future
soon to come karma
into the consciousness  
until his soul
in fear

I see your pain 
I feel your pain
I am a transmitter 
receiving and reflecting 
waves in
waves out 

Had to learn to deflect
my own waves 
long ago
it overwhelms
most souls 

When I look
into window eyes 
you will find
my surprise 
I don’t mean to
but I can and do, read you 
and when you look back
you know
you just know
it’s true 

I’m going to tell you a elephant secret… 
everyone is always afraid of dying 
a painful unawareness that lingers in the background 
like stale dryer sheets after a few months in the sock drawer

   I’m sorry
I can’t help you 
but your welcome to have a seat
and listen to the wind
the wheat fields
again and again.

— Vintage 

My favorite TV Show - The 1970’s Classic -  All In The Family 

The Playlist: All In The Family

Sorry I’m Late, I Don’t Own A Watch

I forgot 
about the pain

I had to
let go

I know 
that I loved you
I cried when you died
I have not been the same since
regretfully, time took those memories to rinse

Time wins
time wins

Time is killing everything
time after time - again and again 

This is just me
transcending reality 
as the world spins

— Vintage 

Oh #cats

Oh #cats